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Take Back Control with a Single Treatment

Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) is a progressive disease that can become more difficult to manage even with lifestyle changes and may require increasing medication to control it. Uncontrolled blood sugar can lead to severe complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney damage, and vision loss.

If you have T2D and are struggling to control blood sugar with lifestyle changes and daily medication, Revita can help.

5 Benefits

  • Lowers HbA1c by nearly 1%
  • Improves liver health – over 35% liver fat reduction**
  • Moderate weight loss
  • Increases good cholesterol (HDL) which plays an important role in heart health
  • Improves overall insulin sensitivity***

0 Drugs

A non-drug alternative to help avoid further medication escalation. Revita restores the body’s own ability to manage diabetes.

< 1 Hour

Revita is a single, same-day procedure that takes less than one hour to complete and allows you to resume your daily activities the following day.

* Results may vary between individuals
** Studies have shown a reduction in the liver markers ALT and AST
*** In Revita studies, participants received nutrition guidance and continued to actively monitor and manage their T2D.
**** Insulin is a hormone that regulates the level of sugar in the blood. As T2D progresses, the body becomes less sensitive to insulin and is less able to control blood glucose levels.



Revita is intended for those already on daily oral medications whose bodies are still able to produce their own insulin. Revita is a non-drug, single treatment that triggers the body’s cell regeneration process to improve insulin sensitivity, enabling better use of the body’s own natural insulin and thereby avoiding the need for insulin injections in the future. Coupled with continued healthy diet and exercise, a single treatment can last up to 24 months or more and is ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle, where additional daily medications can be a burden. If your T2D is escalating, despite current medication, Revita may be right for you.

How does Revita work?

Revita uses patented and proven hydrothermal ablation technology to deliver treatment endoscopically (through the mouth) to a precise area of the upper intestine called the duodenum. During the procedure, the outer lining of the duodenum is treated to make way for new, healthy cells to regenerate. An adjustment to existing T2D medications may be required after the procedure as insulin sensitivity is restored and HbA1c is lowered.

Talk with your doctor to discuss if Revita is right for you.

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What can I expect?

Revita takes less than one hour and is carried out in an outpatient setting. Similar to an upper GI endoscopy, Revita is performed under sedation and does not require incisions, stitches or implanted devices. There is little to no pain experienced, and a normal diet can be resumed within 10-14 days following the procedure.

Are there any side effects?

Revita has been proven to be safe. Common side effects reported by patients treated with Revita include a mild sore throat and stomach upset/ache shortly after the procedure which disappear within days and can be treated with over-the-counter medications.


What evidence supports Revita?

Revita has been studied in close to 300 patients in clinical trials globally and within NHS hospitals in the UK. Trials have found Revita to be safe and effective for adults with T2D. Studies have shown long lasting improvements to insulin sensitivity and other health measures.

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Hear about the difference Revita has made to other people living with type 2 diabetes.

Russell Image

Russell, Essex

“Before my Revita procedure, I was taking two diabetes tablets and my GP was concerned I might have to take insulin in the future. After Revita my blood sugar improved for the first time in years and I have also reduced my daily medication. My recent blood test shows my levels are now better than the pre-diabetic range.”

Rahul, Kent

“My diabetes was getting worse and I was worried about the complications of diabetes like organ failure and amputation. I really didn’t want to take more medication as I often got side effects. I was excited to have the Revita procedure in the UK and the team were with me at each step and explained everything. It gave me the reboot I needed in my life to be healthy.”

Results may vary between individuals

Important Safety Information

The Revita system is intended to improve glycaemic control in patients with Type 2 Diabetes who have preserved pancreatic function and whose diabetes is poorly controlled with oral glucose medications. In clinical trials, the most common device/procedure related adverse events reported were abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, nausea, and throat pain, occurring in the first 30 days of treatment. Contraindications include: Type 1 Diabetes, history of ketoacidosis, probable insulin production failure, current use of insulin/GLP-1 analogues, hypoglycaemia unawareness, history of severe hypoglycaemia, known autoimmune disease, history of chronic or acute pancreatitis, known active hepatitis or active liver disease, symptomatic gallstones or kidney stones, and use of anticoagulation therapy, NSAIDS, corticosteroids, or weight loss medications which cannot be discontinued. Risk of complications include procedural risks that may lengthen hospital stay.

For a full list of indications, contraindications, and risks refer to the Revita system Instructions for Use.


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